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NE8 Power Poll: Week 7

1. Norwell

Week 7: 62-14 win over DeKalb

Previous Ranking: #1

Week 8: vs Huntington North

Watching Twitter updates for the first quarter had me like…. Whoa! And then the Knights decided to take off and not look back again. Another week; still not moving out of the one slot.

2. Columbia City

Week 7: 42-19 win over East Noble

Previous Ranking: #3

Week 8: vs Leo

The Eagles have shown to be a complete football team. They jump the Lions based on score vs East Noble. The Knights have handled CC for over 10 years. This was a much-needed win for Coach Fox and company. And now, the Leo Showdown at State Road 9 ensues!

3. Leo

Week 7: 41-6 win over Huntington North

Previous Ranking: #2

Week 8: @ Columbia City

The Lions handled business as they should against an inferior opponent. This is the most meaningful week 8 game in a Columbia City – Leo matchup in… well… forever!

4. East Noble

Week 7: 42-19 loss against Columbia City

Previous Ranking: #4

Week 8: @ New Haven

This Knights team is young. They came into the season with a little less hype than usual. But they can still win out the last two games strong.

5. New Haven

Week 7: 28-0 win over Bellmont

Previous Ranking: #5

Week 8: vs East Noble

The Bulldogs are getting some guys healthy at the right time. This game could be the battle for the last slot in the top half of the regular season power poll.

6. DeKalb

Week 7: 62-14 loss against Norwell

Previous Ranking: #6

Week 8: vs Bellmont

It is great to see this offense have so much success with so many weapons. But until the Defense can play more meaningful football it will be tough sledding. A game against Bellmont can get the Barons back on track.

7. Huntington North

Week 7: 41-6 loss against Leo

Previous Ranking: #7

Week 8: vs Norwell

The old-school brand of offense is fun to watch. But the Vikings have tough sledding against the top seed this week. They will want to grind the clock and fight to keep this one close.

8. Bellmont

Week 7: 28-0 loss against New Haven

Previous Ranking: #8

Week 8: @ DeKalb

The Braves do not quit fighting and you love to see that. You never want to see a winless squad so maybe an upset in one of these last two!

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