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The Sideline Swami’s Week 11 Sectional Picks

The Sideline Swami’s Week 11 Sectional Picks

Unbelievably, the Big Swam in the big turban with the big crystal balls, actually nailed three games on the money last week. If someone suggests otherwise, I’ll simply claim plausible deniability. If it can work for powerful, corrupt politicians, it can work for a fat football forecaster. It’s sectional semifinal weekend and the matchups are even tougher to project this week. 


  1. HOMESTEAD (8-1): Sparty still on top, but Snider may have something to say about it tonight.
  2. BISHOP DWENGER (8-1): BD could beat Anderson with its JV team, in my humble opinion.
  3. LEO (9-1): The Lions were lucky to escape Middlebury unscathed. Air attack must improve.
  4. NORWELL (9-1): As predicted, the Knights handled Heritage last week via a 40-spot beatdown.
  5. CARROLL (7-2): The Chargers need to stop the run tonight vs. Warsaw, or else it’s 1-and-done.
  6. SNIDER (5-4): Do the Panthers have the plums to upset Sparty tonight? I guess we’ll fine out.
  7. SOUTH ADAMS (9-0): SA gets a tougher test this week, but I’m still tugging on the Starfires.
  8. EASTSIDE (9-1): After a sluggish start, the Blazers bulldozed the Blufftonnites bigly in B-town.
  9. FAIRFIELD (9-0): Now, we find out if the Fighting Thackers are for real. Luers invades Goshen.
  10. EAST NOBLE (7-3): East Noble put the wood to C-City; Knights eyeing that rematch w/Leo.


CARROLL (7-2) at WARSAW (7-2): If the Tigers are forced to pass, they’ll be tamed in their own jungle.

SWAMI SAYS: Carroll by 20

SNIDER (5-4) at HOMESTEAD (8-1): Something tells me the Panthers hang around longer in the rematch.

SWAMI SAYS: Homestead by 22


NORTHROP (4-5) at NORTH SIDE (4-5): The Legends get revenge on their FWCS friends behind Lambert men.

SWAMI SAYS: North Side by 13

ANDERSON (2-7) at BISHOP DWENGER (8-1): Lots of reps, a running clock, smiling Saints all night long.

SWAMI SAYS: Dwenger by 49


EAST NOBLE (7-3) at DEKALB (2-5): These two are arguably the area’s most improved teams from midseason.

SWAMI SAYS: East Noble by 24

NORTHWOOD (4-3) at LEO (9-1): Both are good on defense, both want to run the ball; expect a super fast game.

SWAMI SAYS: Leo by 14


SOUTH SIDE (2-8) at MARION (7-3): I doubted the Archers last week; prove me wrong again, South Siders!

SWAMI SAYS: Marion by 12

WAYNE (2-8) at DELTA (7-2): Sorry, Generals – I’m jumping off your bandwagon. But I’m still pullin’ for you.

SWAMI SAYS: Delta by 15


MISH. MARIAN (8-0) at TIPPY VALLEY (7-3): The Knights play a much tougher schedule; four tuddies tougher.

SWAMI SAYS: Marian by 28

WEST NOBLE (2-8) at JIMTOWN (6-3): Late-season charge by the Chargers is diffused tonight in Elkhart.

SWAMI SAYS: Jimtown by 20


CONCORDIA (4-5) at OAK HILL (7-3): Will the Cadets’ offense get off the ground tonight? Oh my, will it ever.

SWAMI SAYS: Concordia by 28

MACONAQUAH (5-3) at NORWELL (9-1): The Knights just can’t get caught looking ahead to next week.

SWAMI SAYS: Norwell by 36


PRAIRIE HEIGHTS (1-9) at EASTSIDE (9-1): Blazers are on a mission; Panthers are their prey this week.

SWAMI SAYS: Eastside by 56

BISHOP LUERS (4-6) at FAIRFIELD (9-0): The Falcons’ triple-option attack could create some problems.

SWAMI SAYS: Luers by 11


MADISON-GRANT (2-5) at TRI-CENTRAL (7-3): I’ll take a Trojan over an Argyll any day of the week, bruh.

SWAMI SAYS: Tri-Central by 16

SOUTH ADAMS (9-0) at MONROE CENTRAL (7-1): Starfires got their wakeup call earlier this year vs. MC.

SWAMI SAYS: South Adams by 15


TRITON (4-5) at ADAMS CENTRAL (7-2): I’ll take a Flying Jet over a Trojan any day of the week, brosef.

SWAMI SAYS: Adams Central by 28

CASTON (3-7) at SOUTHWOOD (10-0): Lazarus lives! The Southwoodites made the most of their second chance.

SWAMI SAYS: Southwood by 45

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